What is

EthaVerse ?

EthaVerse is a Virtual World powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

In the EthaVerse, users have the exciting opportunity to connect with others, enjoy fun events, and even earn money by sharing their life experiences through VR glasses. EthaVerse offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your cryptocurrency needs! the context of the EthaWorld, users will have access to a variety of rooms that serve to their crypto needs, including token swapping, participation in new crypto projects, and the use of our advanced artificial intelligence (AI). It's an exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of the EthaVerse ecosystem!

The EthaVerse ecosystem comprised of six main parts.



Through the use of the Ethereum blockchain, EthaVerse creates a connection between the digital and physical worlds.

We are developing content for the virtual world because we think it will be the main form of reality in the near future. Our primary objective is to bring more people into the digital universe, give them the ability to accomplish in the digital world what they can do in the physical world, and make the world easier to navigate and more accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live. In the EthaWorld, you and your friends will be able to get together, throw parties, spend time participating in events, and there will also be a location for all of the EthaVerse's innovations in technology.

Following the conclusion of all of our technical tests, the Windows platform will be chosen for the initial launch of EthaWorld.



EthaSwap is a decentralized exchange powered by the Ethereum Blockchain platform in the EthaVerse ecosystem that allows you to exchange tokens instantly and securely.

On the other hand, EthaSwap is an Automated Market Maker. You can think of an AMM as a primitive robotic market maker that is always willing to quote prices between two assets according to a simple pricing algorithm.

Unlike usual, EthaSwap will have a limit order feature. Using the limit order feature, you can put up an ERC-20 token for sale at a fixed price.

You can join our events for $ETHA token holders in the EthaSwap room, where you can socialize and trade tokens with other users.

Holders of $ETHA tokens will be able to take advantage of fewer commission opportunities on more EthaSwap trades.



EthaLaunchPad will provide decentralized projects with a platform to raise and exchange capital. Providing investors with an opportunity to participate in a secure and compliant environment with Guaranteed Allocations and First Come First Serve (FCFS) Pools.

EthaLaunchPad promises a rich experience with multi-blockchain support such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avax.

In the EthaLaunchPad room, you will be able to participate in the events we organize for $ETHA token and EthaNFT holders, where you can meet people while participating in new token and nft projects.

We will be happy to mediate with you to meet new high potential token projects and NFT collections within our ecosystem.

Holders of $ETHA tokens will benefit from EthaLaunchPad opportunities and have early access.



Our routines in everyday life are being reshaped by technology in this age. The use of VR glasses has become integrated into our typical activities.

We are of the opinion that in the not too distant future, the virtual world will replace the real one. When developing EthApp, all of this information was taken into consideration.

EthApp is a mobile application that was developed for the mobility side of our business by us. It will enable easy access to our ecosystem. You will have the ability to utilize EthApp on numerous devices once multidevice functionality is implemented. It does not make a difference in any way where in the globe you are. You will be able to navigate through EthaWorld using only your mobile device and VR goggles. While you are doing this, you will have access to EthaSwap, which will allow you to exchange tokens, and EthaLaunchPad, which will provide you early access to new token projects and NFT collections. Don't be concerned if you're a guy who uses a PC! Additionally, EthaVerse is compatible with Windows!

Within the confines of our EthaWorld, there will be a location known as the EthApp Room.

You will be able to participate in the events that we organize for our members in the EthApp room. These events provide you with the opportunity to meet new people while also receiving support for your device and any EthApp applications that are compatible with it.


Etha Apes NFT

There will be 10,000 assets in the Etha Apes NFT collection. We believe the Etha Apes collection will have an essential part in our ecosystem, therefore we will be providing special perks to those who acquire it.

Our EthaWorld will feature a social hub called the Etha Apes NFT Room, where you and other NFT owners can interact. Etha Apes NFT owners will be invited to special events, where they can compete for prizes based on the rarity of their tokens.

Etha Apes NFT characters will be assets used in marketing and collaborations, as well as an integral component of the Ethaverse brand, during all of this journey.

As a further advantage, after the launch of EthaWorld, we will be announcing staking pools where you can stake your Etha Apes NFTs. (APY rates will be announced)

You will get 5X Etha Apes NFT if you purchase 20M $ETHA tokens at the Presale



The primary advantage of EthAI technology is its capacity to detect potential security issues before they cause significant harm.

By constantly monitoring blockchain activity and analyzing behavior patterns, EthAI technology can find anomalies and flag them for further investigation. This can help prevent hacking, fraud, and other nefarious acts that threaten the integrity of the crypto ecosystem.

Overall, however, the potential of our EthAI technology is really exciting. By combining the power of artificial intelligence with the transparency and security of the blockchain, it will make EthaVerse much more reliable and stable. After integrating EthAI technology into the EthaWorld ecosystem, AI technology will help you in many ways in our world.

As more users and investors join our ecosystem, we will be happy to offer you even more innovative solutions in the time to come.


How to buy $ETHA ?

1-) Purchasing of EthaVerse Token ($ETHA) tokens can be made in ETH-USDT (ERC-20). Make sure you have enough of each coin in your wallet to purchase $ETHA token.

2-) Connect your wallet to our website and simply swap ETH or USDT for EthaVerse token ($ETHA) using the connect wallet and buy buttons. There is NO TAX for presale transactions 💓

3-) After completing the payment process, do not forget to add our contract address to your wallet. 👇


4-) You can claim your tokens when EthaVerse ($ETHA) Presale finished.




Token Sale

Stage 1 ✅
Tokens for sale
500.000.000 ETHA
FINISHED (Unsolds burned)
Stage 2 ✅
Tokens for sale ETHA
FINISHED (Unsolds burned)
Tokens for sale ETHA
1 ETH = 80 M ETHA Total 40 ETH
Join Our
Presale Live Now
Token Ticker $ETHA
Total Supply
Tokens for Sale 4.900.000.000
Token Sale Start 17 May 2023 (18:00 UTC)
Token Sale End TBA
Listing Date TBA
Listing Rate 5X Listing Rate
Contract Address $ETHA Contract
Contract Audited %100 Secure 🔒

Token Allocation


Current & Future Partners


Road Map (updated)

2023 Q1 Idea

    • Origin of the EthaVerse idea ✅

    • Creating a team ✅

    • Preparation for the start of implementation ✅

    • Building Website V 1.0 ✅

    • Creating Social Media Acc's ✅

    • Tokenomics published ✅

    • White Paper published ✅

    • Creating Smart Contract ✅

    • KYC & Audit ✅

2023 Q2 Development

    • EthaWorld Beta V 1.0 created ✅

    • Building Community ✅

    • Listing on voting platforms ✅

    • Listing on promote platforms✅

    • Etha Apes NFTs created ✅

    • Free Etha Apes Campaign (Supply 5K) ✅

    • AirDrop V 1.0 ✅

    • Stage 1 ✅

    • Press Distribution ✅

    • 2ND KYC & Audit ✅

    • Stage 2 ✅

2024 Q2 Pre-Sale and Listings

    • Presale (in progress)

    • 1ST Listing on CEX (TBA)

    • Listing on DEX (TBA)

    • NFT Minting page V 2.0

    • Etha Apes NFT Whitelist Mint

    • AirDrop Prize Distribution

    • Aggressive Marketing

    • Building Website V 2.0

    • Etha Apes NFT Public Mint

    • AirDrop V 2.0

    • Listing and Verified on CMC ✅

    • Listing on CoinGecko

2024 Q3 Development EthaSwap

    • Listing Etha Apes on OpenSea

    • Preparation for the start of implementation EthaSwap

    • Building EthaSwap

    • Integrating Limit Order feature

    • Integrating EthaSwap into the EthaVerse ecosystem

    • Active marketing campaigns, engaging new participants

    • Aggressive Marketing

    • PR Partnerships

2024 Q4 Development EthaWorld & EthAI

    • Tests and integrating EthaWorld into the EthaVerse ecosystem

    • Launching the first Beta version of EthaWorld on Windows platform

    • Ability to connect to the EthaWorld via VR

    • Integrating EthAI technology into the EthaWorld ecosystem

    • Ability to move and control with AI technology in EthaWorld

    • PR Partnerships

    • Grand opening of EthaWorld (Windows)

2025 Q1 Development EthaLaunchPad

    • Preparation for the start of implementation EthaLaunchPad

    • Building EthaLaunchPad

    • Integrating EthaLaunchPad into the EthaVerse ecosystem

    • PR Partnerships

    • Press Distribution

    • Aggressive Marketing

    • Creating events on EthaWorld

    • Aggressive Marketing

    • 2ND Listing on CEX

2025 Q2 Development EthApp

    • Preparation for the start of implementation EthApp

    • Building EthApp for IOS and Android platforms

    • VR integration for EthApp

    • Ability to connect to the EthaWorld via EthApp

    • 3RD Listing on CEX

    • Easy access to EthaSwap with EthApp

    • Easy access to EthaLaunchPad with EthApp

    • New Partnerships

Ethaverse Team

Core Team

teamZeo Founder & Dreamer

team Sophia Community Mod


Frequently asked questions

We have answered a few questions below. If you have any other questions, please get in touch

What is EthaVerse ?

Ethaverse is a Virtual World powered by the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, EthaVerse provides a single platform for all your cryptocurrency requirements

The key idea of EthaVerse is to bring people into the digital universe, enable them to do in the virtual world what they can do in the physical world, and make the world more easy and accessible regardless of your place of residence.

Ethaverse consists of five parts. EthaWorld, EthaSwap, EthaLaunchPad, EthApp and Etha Apes NFT collection.

When you become part of the EthaVerse ecosystem. You will be able to use VR glasses to meet your friends in EthaWorld. With EthaSwap you will be able to securely trade your tokens. With EthaLaunchPad, you will be able to support new projects and benefit from privileges by owning the $ETHA token and Etha Apes NFT collection.

In simple terms, we will bring you into the digital universe and enable you to take advantage of the EthaWorld freedoms.

To be a part of the EthaWorld world, it will be enough to put on your VR glasses and open the EthaWorld application.

When we complete all the steps of our development, you can access EthaWorld with IOS and Android phones.

Due to EthaWorld's technology, you will need to use VR glasses to gain access to EthaWorld.

$ETHA token is a utility token of EthaVerse ecosystem, all activities on EthaVerse will be done via $ETHA token.

10 Billion

You can participate our Presale on Website

You will receive your tokens when presale finished

No vesting. All $ETHA tokens will be unlocked when presale finished.

Unsold tokens will be burned before listing.

Etha Apes NFT collection has a 10K supply. Etha Apes NFT holders will win special prizes and have the opportunity to participate in the events and privileges we organize in EthaWorld in the future. Etha Apes NFT holders will be able to benefit from the APY rates of our NFT stake pools (Rates will be announced). Also Etha Apes NFTs can be used as avatars in the EthaWorld.

You will get 5X Etha Apes NFT if you purchase 20M $ETHA tokens at the Presale. This is a reward for joining us at the presale.

Distribution will be on our NFT Minting page.